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Which Airport to choose in Tokyo? Narita or Haneda?

The big metropolitan area of Tokyo, Japan's Capital, is served by two main airports, the Haneda and the Narita Airport. When traveling to Tokyo, it is highly recommended to know which airport you are traveling to, they have very different characteristics.

My recommendation is the Haneda Airport, the main reason is location.

The Haneda is nearer the city of Tokyo and it will cost you less if you want to go from the airport to the Tokyo centre. When it comes to distance, the Haneda airport is located on the Tokyo Bay, twenty kilometres away from the main districts of Tokyo, and it is located on the great metropolitan area of Tokyo, also it is a hundred and twenty kilometres away from the famous Mt Fuji.

The Haneda Airport is a mark in engineering, using the advantages of the new artificial islands that it is possible to create.
Air view of the Haneda Airport in the Tokyo Bay

The Narita Airport is seventy kilometres away from the Tokyo city centre and it isn't even in the metropolis of Tokyo, the trip between Narita and Tokyo includes a passage by the countryside, and if you are using the public transit system you can expect a trip lasting two hours, that can also be quite expensive.

I would recommend the Narita Airport if you want to rent a car and visit the countryside in Japan, and the East coast.

This is my opinion if I could choose one airport or the other, at the same cost, but since the airline industry has a complex pricing strategy, you will notice that tickets to the Haneda Airport can be more expensive than to the Narita Airport, and some airlines do not have flights to Haneda, due to the busy schedule and lack of slots, that is why my trip to Tokyo will probably pass by the Narita Airport.

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