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Images from the Youth Hostel in Almada/Lisbon

In the south bank of the Tagus/Tejo river, less than fifteen minutes away by car from the centre of Lisbon you can find a simple Youth Hostel with a magnificent view.

I have never stayed there so I cannot tell my personal experiences about the rooms, but as a normal Youth Hostel it seems a simple place, well furnished and clean.
When I was there I could only see the extraordinary view and the entrance.

The reservations can be made in their website -
The reservation process can only be made with Internet Explorer.
The prices vary from €13 (Dorm during Low Season) to €70 (Apartment with kitchenette during High Season)

These are some of the photos I had the opportunity to take. I did not edit any of them, but it is not a great camera, so do not expect magnificent images.

Sunset with the Trafaria port below

View of the north bank of the Tagus river and the Trafaria port

The main bridge of Lisbon, 25 de Abril (25 of April, the revolution date)

View in front of the Youth Hostel

The 25 Abril bridge

Zoomed view of the 25 Abril bridge

View of Lisbon with the castle in the center

Bridge with the city of Lisbon behind the bridge

View of the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos
And these are some images of the Sunset you can get in the balcony of the Youth Hostel.

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