sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013

The Fetes de Geneve - A weekend in Geneve

We had heard about the great fireworks display and the ambiance of party that the city of Geneve has during the city party/celebrations, so we decided to spend a weekend in the city.

The city itself is very small, the most visited cartier/neighborhood is the old city with the beautiful, but simple, Cathedral of Saint Pierre with a magnificent panoramic view to the city, mountains and lake.

View from the Tower of the Cathedral St. Pierre

Why it is recommended to visit during the "Fetes de Geneve"?

There is a small village in Jardin des Anglaise with a host country, with typical food and beverages, and outside the village we found food and beverages from other countries, some of them were Chinese, Russian, German, Brazilian...

There are two clubs near the lake with parties during the night, you can find food like cotton candy and popcorn, and many fairground amusements. Everything around the lake, giving a beautiful night view over the city and lake.

The fireworks are great, but be prepared since it was estimated a total of 600.000 people watching the fireworks, crowding the streets and every possible spot near the lake where you can view the fireworks.
If you want to have a good spot and you are available to pay, a seat can cost from 60CHF/64USD/48EUR.