terça-feira, 23 de abril de 2013

The golden week in Japan

If you are planning a trip to Japan and you don't want to go there when the cities are most crowded, you should definitely avoid the "Golden Week".

The Golden Week happens in the end of April, beginning of May and it is called that way due to the concentration of four holidays in seven days. The first holiday happens in the 29th/April and then from 3rd/May to the 5th/May there are three holidays.

During this week there is a spike in prices in Hotels in Japan, as well as flights the leave Japan in the beginning of the week, and even with the high prices most of the hotels and flights can get fully booked. The Hospitality and Tourism industry has one of its main spikes during this week, the other two big spikes are the New Years Eve and the Bon Festival.

Some companies even close during these week, leaving their employees free for the week to spend the time as they want.

Shibuya District during the Golden Week (by: Unclekage)
If you really want to go to Japan and experience the Golden Week, the flights are not very expensive, since it is a Japanese peak, the flights to and from Japan, when contrary to the inflow and outflow of Japanese tourists, are "normal" priced flights.

We decided to plan to go there in June since it is the month when days are longer and there aren't many tourists as there is in July and August.

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