terça-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2014

The Eilean Donan Castle and why you should visit it

The beautiful Eilean Donan located far away from the cities of Glasgow(173 miles) and Edinburgh (192 miles) is an icon of Scotland, one of the most famous Scottish castles around the world.

The castle is estimated to be founded in the thirteenth century and it was advantageous due to its location on an island, protecting from the invasions since it didn't have any bridge yet.
It was destroyed in the eighteenth century by the government ships due to Jacobin rebellions in the Great Britain. It was also a time in which castles were losing importance and sea transportation was experiencing new developments.

Fortunately in the 1920s it was decided to restore the castle and thirty years later in 1955 it opened to the public.

So why should you visit this castle?
First take a look at it, it has not beautiful walls as Carcassonne neither a majestic structure, but it is perfectly located on an island which makes it almost unique.

Another advantage is the landscape, it is beautiful around the castle as you will find in many Scottish castles.

So, why haven't I visited it?
Even though it is considered a must-see in Scotland, I did not visit it due to its location, it is not easy to get there if you want to visit more on the lands of Scotland. I ended up visiting Edinburgh and the area near Edinburgh (East), leaving west Scotland for another trip.