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The Lisbon Half Marathons - The EDP half marathon aka The 25th April Bridge Half Marathon

It was on the 24th of March that the 23rd half marathon in Lisbon was held and counted with over 10.000 participants, some of them were professional, others were just amateur athletes, but most of them were participants that just wanted to do it for the fun.

It is the only day in the year that the 25th April bridge is closed so the people can walk on it, even if you do not want to pay to participate, the bridge stays closed for three hours after the departure of the first half marathonists. More than 45.000 people cross the bridge on that day on their on foot.
The half marathonists start their race at 10:30, ten minutes later the mini-marathonists (7,2 km) can go, and after all the participants that paid are already in the race, there is place for people who did not pay but still want to cross the bridge and walk to the famous neighbourhood of Belém.

I have been in three mini-marathons and it is a day full of joy, I woke up early to accompany my friends that were running the 22km, then we took the train and went to the "Pragal" station, arriving there at 09:30.
The train station and the train are crowded since it is the preferred transportation to get to the start point.

You still have to walk 1km from the train station to the race start

This is the view looking back when entering the restricted area for who paid to participate 

These are the tolls before the bridge, closed for the day, you have to pass by then to reach where you will start the race

The Bridge gets crowded as you can see, with lots of people but always space to move around. If you are easily scared, be prepared to face the heights, the crowd is peaceful.

View from the 25th April Bridge
The end of the race is near the Jeronimos monastery in Belem.

More about the Lisbon Half Marathon:

It is usually on the penultimate sunday of March

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