quinta-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2014

First day in Scotland

Our trip to Scotland started with a delay of six hours in the flight, due to a strike. Long story short we ended up arriving in the hotel at 03:00 in a rainy morning, but in the next day we decided to wake up at 08:00, we were in Scotland and we wanted to enjoy our trip.

First day we decided to go north of Edinburgh.

Our first day in Scotland was a curious day, it was the biggest snowfall since the beginning of the year in the Aberdeen region and we did not know about it.

Bad weather in the Edinburgh Bridge
We started our trip in rainy conditions but we were already warned about the Scottish weather, and we believed would get better.

Snow along the road
Later we would find some inches of snow along the countryside. Since we are from a region that never has snow, it was an unique view and a new experience on vacations.

Windy in St. Andrews ruins
Our first stop was in St. Andrews. Our goal was to see the remaining ruins of the castle, it has not much left and it was so windy and moist that we left the car only for some minutes.

Arriving in Dundee
Time to continue north and continue to the city of Dundee, we stopped there to eat something and nothing much. We didn't find any points of interest we were interested.

The Glamis Castle
We decided to visit the Glamis castle inside and it was worth it. I will talk about it later.

The Scottish countryside
We continued north to see the Scottish countryside and more castles.
Castles and snow. Good enough for us.
This was one of the castles we saw. I cannot remember the name but it was west of Aberdeen.

Castle fields
Castles may be amazing but the plain castle fields are also beautiful, specially with the white from the snow.

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