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Driving an Auris in Scotland

Most of my Car rental bookings are made with Europcar, it offers a competitive price and I never had any problems regarding the Pick up and the return point. I will leave this discussion for another post, "Choosing the Car Rental Company".

Toyota Auris in the Glamis Castle (2012)

In this case driving an Auris was better than driving the expected Renault Megane, Europcar did not have enough cars so they had to offer me a superior class than the one hired. It can happen to you, but it isn't very common.

The Auris was a great car for very long road trips. It was comfortable and with lots space to arrange stuff like the camera, gloves and even bottles.
Regarding the driving itself, it was my first time driving on the right, and I found it mostly easy, specially because it was an automatic, not needing to use the left hand to change gears. The steering was good, and it was easy to park almost everywhere with the help of a rear camera.

If you are considering choosing an Auris, you are probably making a good choice, at least the Hybrid version.

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