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The Gerbeaud Cafe in Budapest

Gerbeaud Cafe

When going to Budapest, do not miss the Gerbeaud Cafe, that is where you have the possibility to taste the best chocolate cakes.
Before going to Budapest I was told by a friend to not miss the Gerbeaud Cafe, it was an unique Cafe and I would not be disappointed I am glad I went there and tasted a marvellous Chocolate Shake, the flavour was inexplicably good, not too bitter or sweet, just the chocolate flavour at its best and at the right temperature.

I went there in a hot day and the chocolate milkshake was chill, but not too cold for the throat. We were a group that also chose to drink something, the cappuccino & the coffee were also good, but not as tasty as the specialty of the Cafe,chocolate.
If you visit the cafe, do not miss also a visit to the interior of the cafe. As you can read in the brief history, it is a renewed cafe with the original style of an hundred years ago.

The Gerbeaud Cafe is located on theVörösmati tér, one of the main plazas in Budapest, located in the end of the Vaci utca, one of the most important streets in Budapest for shopping.


The esplanade is a good place to enjoy your drink and cake, the chairs and tables are in the Vörösmarty plaza and depending on the day you can hear music, enjoy the sun or just watch the Budapest life.
The cafe offers table service, so you can sit there and wait for someone to attend you. You will be given a list to choose what to eat and drink and after some time you will be asked what you would like. If you prefer to see the cakes, you should start by entering in the Cafe and see the variety of cakes offered, specially the chocolate cakes.


I did not feel the waiters were very friendly, but they were efficient. We sit and after a few moments we had the list to choose, when we put the list in the table we were asked what we wanted and after a while, not long, we were served. Efficient, but do not expect any chat.
When you fill prepared to go, you have to ask for the bill, there is always someone there and you will not wait too long.

Interior of the Gerbeaud Cafe

Interior of the Gerbeaud Cafe

Brief History of the Gerbeaud

The Gerbeaud Cafe was inaugurated in 1858, but do not worry, the dishes are not that old, they are new and beautiful. In 1910 the cafe was designed and built using marble, exotic woods and bronze, having french tables, ceiling pictures and marvelous chandeliers.
During the Soviet administration of the country the Gerbeaud had to be renamed and between 1950 and 1984 it was called as the plaza, "Vörösmarty", and the style was simpler.
Nowadays it regained the original style of 1910, and it is a beautiful place to be inside, specially during winter, when the esplanade is out of service.

Cake in Gerbeaud Cafe

Delicious Cake in Gerbeaud Cafe, what a better way to motivate you to go there...
Delicious Cake in Gerbeaud Cafe, what a better way to motivate you to go there...

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