quarta-feira, 6 de março de 2013

Buying souvenirs on Sunday

Our experience buying souvenirs in European smaller cities on Sundays is simple, almost everything is closed. Since there are not many tourists, there are not shops open for a larger period, and most shops are open only during weekdays and Saturday during the business hours.

So we decided to adopt a simple lesson,
"If you see a shop selling a souvenir or a postcard you want to buy, buy it, the next place can be closed"

We have been to several places where we wanted to buy a souvenir, we normally buy a souvenir magnet, or a simple postal card to offer to our closest friends and family. However it has happened to us to have the will and money to buy it, but most places were closed and only one was open.

The only shop in Heidelberg we saw open during the afternoon of the 31 of December
We faced these problem in Koblenz on a Sunday morning and then in Heidelberg in the 31/December. These are typical days when almost everything are closed, so we were already expecting it, but sometimes you never know what your next stops will be.

This rule clearly does not apply for food !

In our last vacations we ended up eating for two times in the first place we saw, after leaving the place, ten to fifteen minutes later we saw a place that was better, curiously we did not find many places to eat, but there was still one alternative at least.

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