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Mc Donalds - Free WC and cheap food

Wherever you go, you will probably find the American company with the franchise restaurants, McDonalds the worldwide known brand for the hamburgers.

In some restaurants around Europe the restrooms are not completely free, you have to buy something, to eat or drink and in the receipt there is the password to enter, in France that is common in most McDonalds located in tourist places.
In Budapest I found a more rudimentary way of controlling the entries in the bathroom, there was a person in the door that if you did not show the receipt, you would have to pay to use it. The strange part was the person, since there were no signs in the clothes of being a McDonalds employee.

Interior of a McDonalds in Europe
In any European country you can probably find a McDonalds, so you can expect a safe place to go to the toilet if you are far from the Hotel.

About the food... it is fast food, so forget about a tasty beef, or typical food of the country or a typical beer, you will find the tasty hamburgers with sauces, which you can eat with a soft drink.
It is a fast & cheap option
You can always drink the beer from the country, in many McDonalds beer is an option when ordering the drink, but you have to choose the brand that McDonalds offers.

Hamburger and Fries from a Typical McDonalds

If you are used to European McDonalds, you are used to comfortable seating and the possibility of eating a salad. However, if you are used to an American McDonalds, you will find it very different.

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