quinta-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2013

Last day in Barcelona

On our last day in Barcelona we had our flight in the afternoon, so we had a full morning to enjoy. Since we only carried backpacks we did the hotel check out and started our journey with our three days baggage, it is not so easy to walk with something heavy on your back.

Our first stop after leaving the hotel was a place to eat, we had a cake and a drink while walking and headed for the metro. Our next stop was Camp Nou, the Barcelona FC Stadium with a capacity around 100.000 seats. We did not enter inside the stadium, just a small walk around it and entered inside the Barcelona FC shop.

The Barcelona FC replica of  the old bus with dolls inside.
 After the small walking around Camp Nou, we headed Royal Palace of Pedralbes, which is ten minutes away, walking normally. The palace is in the Av. Diagonal, one of the most important avenues in Barcelona.

The Royal Palace of Pedralbes
Statue in the fountain of the entrance of the Royal Palace of  Pedralbes.

Statue in front of the Palace

Like many places in Barcelona, the Palace and the garden in front are beautiful places to visit. If you do not have much time, you are probably not interested, but a trip to this part of the town is also remarkable. This area is also known for the University, which is very near from the palace. 

It was time to go back to the airport, but first we decided to have lunch between our trip from the "Palau Reial" metro station to the Airport, at the Barceló Sants Train Station. We decided to eat at the McDonalds in the station, but you have other choices inside the station.

We decided again for the train, it was a safe option and cheaper than the Aerobus.

The Barceló Sants Station, where we caught our train to the Airport.
In the airport you have to walk a little to the terminal you want, be prepared because you may need more than 10 minutes to reach your check in desk, or even the terminal you want.

Corridor between the Airport Train Station and the Airport.
Our trip was over, Barcelona is a remarkable city, probably we will be coming back and visit the city in a relaxed way, specially enjoying the beach.

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